Block ninja : 2011-2016.

Block ninja (some times also known as box,pixle or cube ninja) is a part of the good team,but he spends most of his time trying to protect the cube of myths and does not often fight with the good team.The bad team uses a helmet to take control over the block ninja, because the cube of myths has a very strong power.But the good team always helps if the cube ninja gets in trouble.Water ninja is one of the only people the block ninja trusts.The block ninja and the Water ninja have a long story together,but the block ninja has many stories about how he was made,one of the better ones is in the main series of the books when the block ninja almost dies.

IMG 2363

Block ninja from Ninja, original artwork : 2006/2007

IMG 2364

Block ninja throughout history.

appearance Edit

Block ninja is red in color. His head is a Blocky.

pets Edit

Block ninja does not have a pet, but the are rumours about him having a video-game character as a pet, but no body has proof.

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